Share Knowledge

Create and share knowledge and experience from the field of Gender Studies in academic institutions

Education and Training Support

Support the development of education and training programs in Gender Studies

Foster Cooperation

Develop and foster cooperation in Gender Studies and Feminist Research between academic community, gender organizations, others


To provide a professional association for individual, students, academics and practitioners in the interdisciplinary field of gender studies, research that promote women’s rights, gender equality and diversity in Africa.


  • Outreach, public information, and communication though a blog, regular electronic or paper newsletter;
  • Research and research dissemination and promoting academic journals in the field of Gender/Feminist Studies/research;
  • Organizing an international academic conference on Gender Studies and Feminist Research every three years;
  • Delivering policy recommendations in the field of education, research, and gender issues;
  • Providing a platform for students and researchers with an interest in the field of Gender Studies and Feminist Research;
  • Run programs that address the needs and interest of members, such as leadership training, skills development, professional development and anti-oppression education;
  • Contribute to curriculum and program development, evaluation and consultation;
  • Source for books, journals and related materials.
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